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March Hosted by   ABEC   March 22nd and 23rd,  2007     Banff Centre, Banff AB

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  1. Building Envelope Forum
  2. Building Research Establishment - UK
  3. Building Science Insights (Forums) (17 full texts 1982-2005)
  4. Gus Handegord reviews contributions from Canadian Building Digests 
  5. Canadian Building Digests (240 of 250+ published, 1960-1990)
  6. CMHC HighRise and Multiples
  7. IRC/NRC publications, research projects, etc.
  8. Building Science Corporation  (Dr. Joe Lstiburek, Boston)
  9. ORNL - Oak Ridge National Laboratories BESTM
  10. Use of absorbent materials to moderate indoor RH  (Dr. Tim Padfield's Ph.D. thesis)
  11. A blast from the past - Jim Posey's Picks unearthed from the archives!
  12. And now: heeere's Jim's website,



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